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The Holdsworth Center Admin building exterior T. Donovan Creative Design and Construction for Nonprofits
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The Holdsworth Center


Services Provided: Interior Design | FF&E | Occupancy Logistics | Reconfiguration 

Project Budget:  $23m

Sqft: 17,000



The Holdsworth Center is the Leadership Academy for high-level administrators inside public-school districts. In the heat of a pandemic, The Charles Butt Foundation built a 44-acre campus on Lake Austin to improve the quality of K-12 public education through professional development opportunities. Of the 18 buildings, T.DC took on designing the administrative building where the Holdsworth Center team offices. We worked with Lake Flato Architects, The Beck Group, and General Manager Chris Coleman to intuitively create an office space that feels like home for The Holdsworth Center’s administrative gearbox. Just another example of how T.DC shines when it comes to the design and construction of nonprofits



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“If T.DC can figure out how to use the demountable walls, let's try.” So we did!

How we came in clutch. 

We were invited into the project to help with the transfer of a demountable wall system that was perplexing the architects, builders, and other designers. Though it was a bear to coordinate and plan, T.DC prevailed with the wall system transfer and was invited to design and finish out the rest of the Campus Admin Building.  

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