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Family in front of home Operation Appreciation Lopez Family T. Donovan Creative Design and Construction for Nonprofits
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Operation Appreciation


Services Provided: Interior Design | FF&E | Occupancy Logistics 

Sqft: 2,400



HEB (in cooperation with Homes for our Troops) tasked us to furnish the Lopez family home. Homes for Troops has a really standard process for construction in the way they build. So there are always logistical challenges with that. We have to figure out how to plug in and plug out of their machine and their process without being too disruptive to it. We really help HEB navigate the design and construction process to alleviate any costly decisions. We create a filter of information between HEB and Homes for our Troops so that each entity is speaking the same language throughout the build. 

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"...this openness and this kind of emotional availability in his art really helped us connect with him in a new way."

How we came in clutch. 

So one interesting thing about Lopez is he is a phenomenal artist. This was actually the first house where we got to decorate with some of the veteran's belongings.  His artwork was so stunning it was too good to sleep on. So it was really fun to use some of the art pieces that they wanted to keep and let those drive and influence some of the interior design.

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