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Opperation Appreciation ribbon cutting with Snodgrass family T. Donovan Creative Design and Construction for Nonprofits
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Operation Appreciation


Services Provided: Interior Design | FF&E | Occupancy Logistics 

Sqft: 2,400



Operation Appreciation is a public affairs nonprofit that caters to our veterans. The program supports veterans by providing jobs in the HEB community and assistance in the veteran community at large. Several of their ancillary partners such as; Homes for Our Troops, Operation Finally Home, and the Gary Sinise Foundation, build homes for disabled veterans. We were tasked by Operation Appreciation to customize these homes to the family- in this case, the Snodgrass family. The Snodgrass family was amazing. Rusty, the veteran in the family, endured some pretty horrific spinal cord injuries that completely changed his life. His wife, Ashley, stepped up in a big way in the daily running of the household and became the primary source of income to the family.  


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“We’re the people in the background  that add a ton of value in pushing the project forward” 

How we came in clutch. 

These veteran homes usually take about 18 months start to finish. We become their main point of contact throughout the building process. We worked closely with Rusty and Ashley as background ninjas that made everything run smoothly and on budget. We were the thread that tied all the entities together. We drove the schedule and prompted the different organizations because we know construction

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