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A Partner And Advocate

We at CAST Schools wanted to design student-centered schools that didn't feel institutional. We were looking to borrow the best from workplaces that inspired creativity and collaboration. The spaces T.Donovan helped us imagine are so highly woven into our program that the students take pride in the campuses, care for them, and showcase them. We really appreciated the transformational feel and the connection of the space to the school's purpose. T. Donovan excels at activating even the most unattractive space and doing so in a way that the design serves the end-user. As a result, our schools have become “showcase schools” for school design in San Antonio.


We all know that cost is a huge concern for schools and nonprofits. T. Donovan has shown an incredible ability to be nimble to meet whatever budget constraints. I have not known other firms to be so creative about taking advantage of existing assets and yet achieving a transformational result.

We rest easy knowing we have a partner and advocate that truly cares about our vision and mission, and our students. Our partnership with T. Donovan extends far beyond simply a design conversation, they care about our schools and the success of our students. It doesn’t feel like their job is ever over. They volunteer at our events, advocate for us, and are some of our biggest cheerleaders on social media. Our pick struck gold with T. Donovan Creative.

Jeanne Russell, Executive Director 
CAST Schools Network 

Operate with Authenticity

"As a company that had no idea where to begin, we initially contacted T.Donovan to create a logo for our business. Little did we know that a logo is only a piece of what we needed... As a non-profit with no experience in this side of the business; T. Donovan moved us along in a branding session which really solidified "Who" we are as an organization. Without that, I am not sure that Recovery In Motion would be where it is today. An organization has a story to tell. Why are we here, what is our mission, and what is our goal? T. Donovan ensured that we knew all of those things. Now, we are able to relay to others how our organization stands to impact our community on a broader scale. As Recovery In Motion grows, we will be looking to T. Donovan to finish out the work they have begun with us. Trust is imperative when building a company. T. Donovan operates with authenticity, genuineness, and transparency which builds a trust that will keep us coming back. If you are looking for a company you can trust to tell YOUR STORY, there is no other choice than T. Donovan."

Jacquilyn Leath, Executive Director 
Recovery In Motion 


Did You Know?

Nonprofits often lose thousands of dollars when they don’t have expertise in construction. We make sure that doesn’t happen by putting boots on the ground and being onsite during the entire process. Here are the ways we can show up for you. 

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