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Boy in superhero costume and boxing gloves T. Donovan Creative Design and Construction for Nonprofits
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Our superpowers

We are construction experts who manage your building project from start to finish – and by finish, we mean until you’re moved in and in full operation.

Owners Representation

Mistakes are costly. When it comes to construction, making the wrong decisions can have significant financial consequences. We don’t expect you to be experts in building management, but we are. We act as the owner’s rep to advocate for your program and we protect your resources (your time, your money, and your people). 

Owners Rep Anchor
Environmental Anchor

Construction Management

It’s invaluable to have the designer onsite. There is remarkable efficiency created when the hands that build it (the contractor) have access to the brain that designed it (us). We are there to identify issues and problem solve and make decisions the contractors need in the moment. We manage the multiple teams onsite who are working to get the project completed. We get obstacles out of their way and predict what is coming to ensure the project stays on budget and on schedule.  

Construction Mgmt Anchor

Environmental Design

An aesthetically pleasing space is nice, but it’s not enough. Your mission, your brand, and your culture should come alive in your new space. That’s where we come in.  We use our unique approach to interior design to help you identify what story you want your facility to tell. Our team of multi-disciplined designers study your program to develop an intuitive layout and we create a coordinated palette of building materials, furniture finishes, and architectural graphics to bring your space life.   

FF&E Anchor

(Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment)

This is the portion of the project between construction and occupancy and it’s the owner’s responsibility. We design custom packages for furniture, security, IT/AV, appliances, and so much more. We leverage our vendor relationships for great pricing, provide competitive quotes, manage budgets, and facilitate all logistics related to procurement and installation. We handle all of the owner’s responsibility for FF&E.  

Occupancy Lgstcs Anchor

Occupancy Logistics

Moving is hard. Really hard. Let us handle it for you. We set up your IT, phones, and anything else to ensure your team’s workstations are fully functional and ready to use. The only thing you have to do is show up and start working.  

Branding &
Web Design


A new logo is nice but has the cash value of the paper it's printed on. Successfull brands form a deep emotional connection with their communities. They tell stories, promote ideas, and align with our values. T.Donovan Creative studies your organization and works alongside you to create branded experiences that emotionally engage your target audience. We give your brand relevance and make it come to life on your website, in your space, and in the hearts of your audience.

O with hardhat dressed as a superhero with a bat-signal T. Donovan Creative Design and Construction for Nonprofits

Stay Current!

We are all about cultivating new relationships and solving problems. Take a look behind the scenes in our video series titled “The Hat Signal”  to deep dive into what we have going on.

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