Sure, you can hire an architect, and a contractor, and pick out furniture, and design graphics. Whew – sounds exhausting! Or you can call us. T. Donovan Creative to the rescue! Your team should be focused on your mission, not your construction project. That’s why you have us!

Commercial Interior Design

We craft every detail of your space – materials, colors, furniture, and fixtures. You’ll love your finished space.

Owner Representation - Construction Management

We represent you from concept through move-in. We advocate for you with contractors and subs, ensuring the finished space serves you perfectly. We’re onsite regularly, solving problems faster than is possible using traditional construction processes.

Your new space will be designed and executed by a team with extensive, high level experience from restaurant and retail to corporate and non-profits. Think of us as an interim Director of Construction, someone representing you every step of the way. We oversee both design and construction, allowing us to fix issues in real time. Sure, that saves you time and money, but more importantly, your needs are always first and foremost throughout the process.


So go out there and save the world.

We've got this.

T. Donovan Creative's Services:

Programming – Conceptual Design – Space Planning – Finish Specifications – Construction Documents – Contractor Bidding and Negotiation – Construction Project Management – Furniture Selection and Procurement – Occupancy Logistics

Did you know?


On a recent educational project, T, Donovan Creative reduced the project length from 16 to 9 months!